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Lacerate Arise (Independent 2013)

   Got their wide influences from names in various legendary to late comers off the hooked Heavy Metal rocking bands like Anthrax, Tool, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath to Nine Inch Nails and Rancid have made these Edinburgh crew consisting of Oli on vocals/guitars, Martin on bass, Steve the guitarist/vocalist and drummer Dave releasing their self-written record in Carnival Carnivorous as A Ritual Spirit playing the senssible Hard-Rock meets Grunge metallic for DIY fusion ideas but not a bad techniques to show upon their performance and like a bt up-tempos on Alice in Chains sounds not too damn complex on shining path sign littering the sparkling taste and melodies as well as the catchy riffs harder to portraying thus serial killer figure in masked and axed smiling like evil on giving the audiences the head-banging sessions and good tracks available through Visceral Decay, Soldiers Of Society, We need The Weak, Before We Turn to Dust, The Way I Died and Full Circle sprouting depression as balance as the heaven and hell measurements for the sinners and saints division adds here within the musical of Stone Temple Pilots version of rock in modernity. Will you liking them instead ? Probably, yeah !!!

Carnival Carnivorous: