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Korrosive Zoo Monkey (My Own Deck 2001)

   Inactive but probably, this Bandung compilation recording for Pop-Punk bands could erasing your bad days memories like being stuck in the fucking traffic jam on one of the most over-populated cities in the world or being dump by your bitchy girlfriend over the richer jerks or even just being bored because your town isn’t about to develops from anything that under-average in everything – that’s why no need to whining and quits your lame-ass spoilers and grab V/A Atill Punx Still Sucks because it’s like going to free travelling to paradise island with your cool freaky friends driving a car and teasing those foreign female tourist in hot bikini and sexy looks riding scooter with the best of the worst independent groups from local scene of fast skating rocks like Sendal Jepit playing Encounter None, This Selfish Fish Got No Wish through Desperate Society, Aggressive Touch for Fantastic, Tommy Band featuring Alvin for Robot onto Right 88’s Lose My Mind, Summer ’99 over Millencholic Guy, or local shouts through Kampang by Close Head, Rocket Rockers and Sun Of A Beach! Singing Shirley as the neat cartoon cover illustrated by Donny Ariesta as all songs (re)mastered by digital lab of this independent label record from West Java to the post notes asking for their lost friends and thus juggling beers, pizza and other silly things like condom balloon making to attracting some chicks that surely, don’t wanna waste their times with some embarrassing moments, short people or weirdos; collectively had by this album plays on your tape.