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Kompromi Putus … (Aquarius Musikindo 1996)

   One of the old-fashioned nineties-timing but not that retro Rock N’ Roll band from Indonesia whose sounding similar to the local version of The Black Crowes formed as the runaway road for Bonky Ismail Marcel (ex-Slank) before and after demise on the late peak of their fame as being armed by other veteran names like Boris, Njet, Cole and Andrey Chiling with Pay as the first debut recording release off Flowers should be this 17 Tahun Ke Atas (restricted for under seventeen age) as harsh, sexy, explicit and sophomore Bluesy Rock crossing your stereo system as before the formation of their best days changes again and the continuity gone sore like a sicken throat but here on this album one and many audience shall having their great entertainment in musical de rock local as Indonesian lyrics and social values themed tracks grooving the atmosphere goes on and on to surprising you and invited everyone to head-banging and dance by the craze of the sound performance from one of the good experienced bass-player in Indonesia rock history today and Flowers sets up high to the highway – with or without the drug-addictions uses about the sixties era meets the Alternative decades into Bayangan (shadows), Belum 17, Paranoid, Boncos, Buang Badan (Covering one’s ass), Nggak Ada Matinya onto Diriku/Mu and (Tolong) Bu Dokter about the addiction problems to share within the generations to get more positive by choices or stay out the streets if you believe in true rock music never dies.