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Killer The Fool (Tee Pee Records 2017)

   In between New Jersey and Pennsylvania lies the collective work of artistic rocker’s minds to develop united and grab their instruments, writing songs and forming Ruby The Hatchet using the left-over off Psychedelic Rock genre adding more Alternative and Heavy Rock projects onto it and led by female singer Jillian Taylor whose having her sounds really not but must gone wrongly right to be in the band’s sweeter taste, beautiful deadly and mysterious cult vibes turning on magic as well as the rest of the members: John Scarperia, Lake Muir, Owen Staszewski to Sean Hur and Owen Stewart as Ruby The Hatchet putting their heaviest Psychedelic Doom Stoner and Progressive Rock onto cult sounds of Hard Rock formatting thus high-calibrated period of fuzz-out in guitar riffs blazing and organ swirls as spacious female vocals soaring her soulful needing figure to describing the signs of constellations as fighting creatures of the cosmos, Taurus bull or virgin red-head goddess for Planetary Space Child album.

   Sophomore records for those whom belief the consequence and meaningful danger into Pagan Ritual, Symphony of The Night as well as Gemini and Lighting Comes Again bring the darken reality as been exposed like science facts of the universe out of the book. 

Planetary Space Child: