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Keep Complaining (Machete Productions/Trivel 2016)

   Massive harder shout-outs and the intoxication town with the chemical waste after the last nuclear war where the planet’s inhabitants celebrating the mosh-pit slamming in beers or the marco polo’s Venice, Italy spot as the immigrants and the punk-rock kids communion becomes in smiling violent as the band that shocks the stage – Slander brings their third releasing of full-length album attacks towards the weirdos and spikey haired people and masked psychos for Bad Weather. Jerk and Kafka to Leo, Sam and Teo as the five-piece fierce straight to kicking guts troops coming to you as thrashing fast and furious Hardcore tempos and molten beats gives everyone a real deal invitations to head-banging or slam-dancing on the following tracks of Never Enough, The Caveman, Lamento Nero or No Dice! as featured names like DJ MS or Nicholas Worthington. You think their lyrics aren’t harsh enough yet ?

Fuck you and they love to push you into the polluted of acid waste liquid river, scumfuck !

Bad Weather: