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Just Ain’t Going (Jive Records 1999)

   Chainsaw kids couple trying to have their experiment times to cutting something with it is freaking dangerous things to do because the group didn’t allow you to do the same thing but listening and making music just like they did there. Eleven songs providing thus Big-Beat to Breakbeat fusion over the noises, samplings and the works on the UK’s progressive dance sounds instrumental glares the surroundings as the theme’s would a little bit psycho but fear not; this couple duo Lindy Layton and Steve proctor releasing their debut for the craziest celebration of all time to partying for the 2012 subjects that survived or helping crippled people and blind men to crossing the street via Breakbeat Electro murdering and makes you all dancing like a fucking drunken creatures following thus experiments in so called – Coz I Can, Come Back With A Sword to Attitude while the harmonica blares signing about Who’s Money and the media looks a bit blind not to have chances doing the Resistance is Futile when the lights go out and the mixing and the original played on the important guest’s as the night rises in …