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Jukebox Tat (Freshly Squeezed Music 2018)

   Passing the tours across Europe by famous clubs and being told to be one of the most important main artists as “Pisk” aka Eoberto Costa to Loredana Grimaudo and Alessio Costagliola perfecting their Italian musical block buildings within the popular heritage of the musicians’ heritage in playing, performing and loving the Jazz-Electro, Swing-Retro and vintage Gypsy and Rock n’ Roll sensibility as tight knit oozed recording and attitude over the type of this genre sounds for the third album release over Outsidein as Swingrowers rocks Hootenanny, La Java or La Machine du Moulin Rouge in London to Paris; disable the smartphone parts opens ad showing the inside as people or audience feels the real music cooperating beatable sexy, groovy and smooth through Follow Me, My Mood, Selfie Face, No String Attached and Healing Dance featuring Davide Shorty.

Forget the other jazzy tunes for this one is modern new and attractive for your Pop-culture session matching occasion.