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Jaboc Makes (Signature Records 2018)

This is not the previous semi-naked girls spreading their long legs type of recording anymore but still – the same products of Drum N’ Bass, Ambient Electronic and Dubstep or Techno-House continues for Calibre as ominick Martin’s music server series in Shelflife 5 which murmuring the melancholy version of electro-beats with transcendental sense of deep Blues onto the unknown anarchic or provoking singularity shines over creations inside the Belfast’s man’s head creatively.

The signature abstracting sketches and moody colors describing about the panorama or the scheme of a deserted mountain and the inner core of nature surrounds within thus twelve tracks of instrumentals told the story by titles around Addict, City Life feat. DRS, Bluesday feat. Marcus Intalex, Two Ones, The Dep as well as Funny Games – all powered by Electronic techniques of sound-making and sought the older years of the man himself to keep on making levels in entertaining arts for non-commercial music experiments. 

Shelflife 5: