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I.T.N.O.G (Hold On Music 2018)

   France-related occultism scene-background very new own soulful Rock Alternative sounds heating up your catalog collections as soon you have the chance to listening on them and their great materials which can be describing as parts of Garage Psychedelic Rock and Indie Pop gifts from the basement sessions going pro to the studio as you might going to learning some French just to figure out the rest of the band’s biography but for now sooner – just enjoy The Red Goes Black music package here for the second album – Fire. Rocking funky soul and popular materials in arrangements and written lyrics and themes over Ble Bags of Shame, A Wave Will Rise with vocals from Nicole Wray; Life within the Lisa Kekaula featured backing vocals as well as World In A Bottle onto Missing Light and Broken Man Blues – shall honestly caught your attention holding on to have this brand of blending music to your own favorite after the first try. 

Witnessing the forest blessings the half-naked goddess of the natural realm overtaking the weaken native man and the vulture beasty instincts under her beauty and death assuring due as well as the lead vocals similar to you as a reminder for Lenny Kravitz voice.