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Ipercivilta Vortici (Bandcamp 2018)

   Synthesizer and keyboards plays by [Δ] or the guitars/bass/drum programming/vocals by [Φ] displaying their project efforts on Atmospheric Black Metal meets Psybient from dark matters of the universe which loosen the grip on the gravitation pressures as Eridanus Void being experimented through the gate that opens found in the middle of nowhere space, re-build and re-connected as the entrance of the other dimension crossing planet systems and mankind existence between technologies of the advance works above the harmonic creepy instrumentals as Cosmic Black Metal evolutions made in Italy over the releasing sign in Egemon][a.

   It will be a definite scary moments as the spaceship shaken by the unknown force in the middle of the yearly journey towards the unexplored corner of the galaxy and thus mayday helps won’t get sent easily back to your home-base means that the danger immediate as threat and mankind must do whatever it takes to survived including sacrifice those lower level passengers within the terror noises disturbing our minds through Visioni Esoplanetarie, Supervuoto Cosmico, Alla Deriva, Il Vuoto di Eridano, Colonie Terraformate or Missione Sirio 2222 (Il Balleto di Bronzo cover) caught the horrific times unconditionally recorded before lost connection means something terrible is going on out there for the pioneers after seeing the horned gate’s artwork made by Alexios Ciancio.