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Inside Disease (Wax Trax!/TVT 1995)

   Mainly stays for becoming one of those particular bands from the Industrial Rock scene’s Strange Days  out of Chicago playing their incendiary live shows to ground-breaking records in the making since it formed and thanks to Chris Randall leads this group named Sister Machine Gun collecting much appreciation towards their music being used onto video gaming soundtracks as well as reality television series and sports network with the rhythmic of little less corporate troops: Miguel Turanzas, Steve Stoll and Kevin Temple among others.

   For the third legacy releasing record became a semi-legendary works that lifting up the band’s stardom through Burn, this measurement of slower riding beats of Electronic meets Funk or Soul as well the mighty elements for Industrial Rock tunes echoing from your radio station once and maybe still to flaming the insecure hearts to mystic relationships among humans bridging by the smothered noises and metallic hipster sounds in more definitions within Better Than Me, Overload, Red, Hole in The Ground, Dispossessed as well as Snake and I Don’t Believe would carried your remains of past memories where it used to be so fucking cool to be different rockers in the mid-nineties.