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Infinity Collapse (Unquiet Records 2013)

   Get the contrast changes between moods and atmosphere aspect in a war sign of moral discussing attempts for years in documentation underwent the history of these line-up Post-Hardcore aggressive Atmospheric darkened Ambient experimental with Sludge Metal initiative as elaborates onto Electronic violence of absurdity carried out by the lyrics and themes for the band – Fleshworld from Krakow, Poland includes Mateusz Szczurek for guitar/synth, Mukasz Klaminski on bass, drummer and guitarist Szymon Luczynski and Kubo Leszko to vocalist Tytus Kalicki in the released album debut – Like We’re All Equal Again.

Post-Rock progressions as well as growler screaming vocals went average not too surprising but the essential techniques of making melodic harmonies Prog-Rock session there off Hereinafter, Chant of Many Voices and Dust Eater really could shaken thus foundation for your secure musical points to shreds in minutes more. An alchemist views on visions bursting hard within symbols and doomsday to share. 

Like We're All Equal Again: