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Inevitable Quasimodo (Bandcamp 2015)

Atlanta, Georgia used to be The Sex Pistols meet The Clash wannabe ended up becoming a little bit popier like The Ramones but liking more influences lend from The Jacksons, The Cars, Sonic Youth and Rush in their catalog favorites as Michael McDonald also cites as The Pixies blending keyboards and guitar distorted sounds by the band members: Jonathan Sleep, Dave Murga, Courtney King and Chris Tsambis – naming the band Eureka Failure but it wasn’t.

Not much Electro-Punk but Power-Pop ruling the sounds completely, on irreverent humor licks or genuine affections off the 80’s as delivering the beats on groovy, silly and danceable with their leather jackets poses on F Plus album bursting thus seven tracks like Honeymoon Stage, Bucketlist, Raygun man or Redundant Bumper Sticker off the debut which better than anything you ever heard among the lame school band performers. 

F Plus: