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If You Want To (Epic Records 1980)

   Funk version in the hands of (em-tu-may) or Mtume was and always be the unlimited tons of sparkling beats and vibes for more Funk or Soul combinations from the late eighties songs recording for their awesome music production that can easily invites you to dance like a real gentlemen to attracting girls and older woman not just lending the fame from john travolta’s lightning style but as the real thing rooted there for R&B musical sounds played by the member-teams of the band from James Mtume (lead vocals, percussion, keyboards), Tawatha Agee (lead vocals, background vocals and percussion), Howard King (drums) Ed “Tree” Moore and Reggie Lucas on guitars, Basil Fearrington the bass player and horn sections from Danny Coleman or Sinclair Acey for this album – In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers trying not to imaging figures with wings a reminder to coincidence with any moth-man prophecies event but angels and supernatural good deeds in ten tracks available through the rhythmic sessions and Black Music tuning frequency on So You Wanna Be a Star, You Can’t Wait For Love, Anticipatin’, Everything Good To Me, Spirit of The Dance and Dance Around My Navel feels so collaborative to listening enjoyable motions.

In Search Of The Rainbow: