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Holy Wars Machine (Bird Attack Records 2017)

   Can melodic fast Punk and Skater-core being called later as Softcore might confusing the media but back then when a band be named that before changing theirs into Straightline might be an interesting story not too absurd and usual in many ways off the growing planted scenes of Hardcore Punk and Pop tunes communities.
   Starting to received people’s attention and feedback from as many of skating rocks fans since the infamous group of Old-School Hardcore adding more Cross-over onto Thrash Metal collections for their music; these led by one original figure Bart for smaller shows, demoing stuff and most the eastern European countries – with the NOFX’s newer generation in Emil to Mosi and many line-up changes so far made Straightline goes as stronger as they needed to waging the vast rock world with many new bands spawning every day.
   After the last album being toss to the market – this next one number four releases of Vanishing Values appointing themselves bringing the headlines on social issues and political ever-changes facing the present days within thus fast riffs, drumming and clever lyrics themes and Melodic Punk or Thrash seems to be fitted for the unit to saving the next generation to think tank and better against the enslavement of money and modern corporate international interests to ruling the world in one single power leading and mislead news or economic collapsing like a drowning man choose to delivers his life over the power of wealth infecting the youngsters to go on becoming the modern day underpaid labor as following the false leader may caused us to fell into oblivion.
   Protesting titles and smart displays for encouraging the listeners to learn and developing themselves for not being a bored lazy slackers means Not Afraid, Set The Course, Too Old T Die Young, Fading Away, Off We Go! and Unfinished Story seems to battle the right winged patriots blinded by nationality to be egoist selfish fucks.

Vanishing Values: