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Henry Mancini (Imagine/Lionsgate 2018)

   Susanna Fogel directing this comedy action film telling the longest story of the upset girl being ditched by her boyfriend on her birthday as the continues of her bad days only can be mend by the closest friend appearance of her own struggle actress roommate and cashier Audrey Stockton and Morgan spending their entire live miserably adventurous after the ex-boyfriend Drew calling to tell them to burn his belongings there in the middle of a stake chase as he being pursued by people who wants to kill him in a fake promise sounded to return shortly. 
The convincing flee from their apartment plan to go Vienna by Morgan effective by the reason that they needed to see Europe before they’re about to die soon as the girls feeling that they’ve been dragging onto the kinds of conspiracy secrecy that harmful for them as the blood-bath cafĂ© fight scene proves the truth about the information from a cute guy Sebastian Henshaw about CIA involvement agency and possession inside drew’s fantasy football trophy turns people to shoot and kill each other to taking it – whatever it is. 
Attacking by fear of being killed; makes Audrey to breaking the trophy and finding a mysterious usb as her put it inside her private parts to avoid the airport security as telling to go to Prague quickly and some more difficulties in meeting Roger whom actually a spy whose a killer trying to take the usb back before Audrey flushing it onto the toilet must be a joke but hilarious phrases and conversations met between Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon goes in a terrible full action car-chased. 
   Food poisoning and facing the psycho killer gymnastic girl Nadedja within the background off Tyler Bates soundtrack compilation via The Spy Who Dumped Me movie with tons of good famous names in music such as Michael Buble doing his thing for Feeling Good, Work Bitch by Britney Spears, Bonnie McKee music onto Scorpions’ Wind of Change as well as Armin Van Buuren or Pussy Riot or even the ugliest song of all time (according to Audrey) Crash Test Dummies’s radio hits Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm in plenty shootings, gold or deep bluish short dresses and the sparks of two amateur women disguising as the member of Cirque De Soleil or Canadian ambassador or Drew’s fake parents revealing that whom the real bad guy here. 

That’s before then, both Morgan and Audrey becomes the real agents in disguise for a mission in Japan.