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Haunts In Tongues (The Bronze Medal 2010)

   Raging in silent changes and clever develops their musical sounds from the catchiest Noise-Pop and Indie Rock to Baroque Folk and Electronica Ambient going to the city street’s parade of the non-debuting record here called Manimal sharing the cult stories of thus non-personality from Jakarta area to the nation wider listeners.

   Led by Marcel Thee to Stranger Mountain figures or The House of Faith and Mirrors as one bigger unit or more smaller in group as Sajama Cut dare to comes to the surface bringing their Lo-Fi Folk Pop against the steel and stormy-rains releasing the good tension track-lists off Paintings/Pantings, Twice (Rung The Ladder), Untitled #4, Whores of The orient and The Hong Kong Cinema in English lyrics but deep inside these guys are still Indonesian with spirits and national prides making their sound of music relevant within thus modern advance times of the humanity felt ashamed finally.