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Harry Everybody Care (Not On Label 2015)

   Standing in a snow thicker than years ago, long-haired means you’re out of option to go cleaner as thus workmen society; Neo_folk onto Post-Rock experimental and even oddly – Black Metal must be a non-sensitive weird characters to blend here as Post-Punk basic music materials testing your patience by almost nine minutes plus ten seconds crazy slow-dive acoustic in this project is the winning for depressive music off Boring Bathtimes and the Boring Bathtimes is the project tight related onto kinds of rural area depressions took by the mountain cold heights and brought by the nameless winds down the hills and valleys which comforting the brain talented to experiences the wisdom lyric writings just by seeing the shape of those ornaments hanged on your family room light over England – somewhere as the distortion blasts seemed not connected but surprising for the listeners onto An Otherwise Clouded Mind casts its themed long term and non-publication titles such as I Don’t Want to be Loved Very Much I Just Want to be Loved, We Can Hear Your Hearts We Can Feel Them as We Cannot See further into the deeper meanings via Death is The Martyr of Beauty, Wonderful. You’re Floating on a Cloud. Nothing Touches You. But Then You Have to Come Back Down Crashing differently, in types of shorter to longer durations.

There’s no room for god in this sorry world recording …

An Otherwise Clouded Mind: