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Harpy Deflate (Bomber Music Ltd. 2016)

Post-hardcore punching kicks venue in non-popular brutality based on how one giving their judgment to these Graz, Austria or Bristol, UK crew off Feminist movements raging themed music by the valuable protests and hatred being uncontrollable bursts via melodic buzzing Punk-Rock as the quartet of Liepa Kuraite, Ren Aldridge, Joe York and Zock looking terrible and snotty as being colored mashed due to the performance for Petrol Girls elaborating their simply structures of excitement and joyful to concentrated shoveling hates onto stupid modern male throats and asses as fantastic. 

Powerful not mellow and fully passionate harder shouts on hitting the problems squared and serious over Talk Of Violence dedicated to their fellow feminists and female sisters everywhere today – still suppressing under the man’s world rules but never these Riotgrrrl on busrting the back-slam struggles on handful avenges through Fang, Clay, Treading Water, Touch Me Again, Restless and Phallocentric for bigger shares to being true to oneself and go Rewild angrier than Bikini Kill did ! 

Talk Of Violence: