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Happy Unhappy Thou (Carpark Records 2018)

   Felt irresistible to let go once someone confidently, listening onto this energetic space sonic of Pop guitars, Pop-Punk and powerful Alternative sweetness as catchy tunes written in such a bubble formats of R+B from the 60’s popular music honeying the sounds that never bores you out as becoming fits for travel roadtrip, pleasure vulnerability and ecstatic harmonies on female cute vocals may infecting your membranes the first time you excepting to catch The Beths musical product from Future Me Hates Me – an amalgam symbolization on the forthcoming vision taken back by the fun time travelling not too darn serious but effecting the collective ideas to change the unlucky moments into the non-awkward lyrics and songs written by the Auckland’s music club: Benjamin Sinclair, Elizabeth Stokes, Ivan Luketina-Johnston and Jonathan Pearce into an Alternative Pop-Rock good tempos soundtrack-ing the slight momentum for the present day girl to meet her future version as the red dog a blind-witnessing object for that subjective design.

Lovely voice and melodies to catch within the popular beats carried in by Uptown Girl, Great No One, Whatever and Little Death or You Wouldn’t Like Me might keeping you to sing along with them nicely. 

Future Me Hates Me: