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Happily Ever After (Universal Motown 2010)

   Sitting and smiling for the taste of summer growing faster in warmth goodness while your partner staying next to you which might happening to you as well as these duet from Tacoma, Washington praying to their spiritual, popular and catchy rhythmic melodies on an Indie-Pop vocals and performance by Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly writing their own musical track-listing record debut for the blending on much Pop-Rock, Folk and World music to Country and standing side by side as partner, lovers and companion musicians together singing the songs of praising romance, hopes as well as wishes over the natural passion and beauty proclaiming planet earth where they’re living now. Forever and Ever, Everything You Do, And Run, All About Us, Kiss IT better and Prove You Wrong to Blame It On The Rain shall always becoming the attached themes that rhyming in whisper every-time you playing the album of My Forever that fits in sweeter lollipop liked harmony anthems.

My Forever: