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Gyrate Bookmarks (What’s Your Rupture ? 2018)

   Don’t be fooled by thus program unit which shows the kinds of futuristic truth which is not punishment in Endless Scroll because Bodega – the group from New York doesn’t talking much about any disco-beats but eventually, it’s a Punk-Pop and New Wave for the millennium culture musical not separating bratty attitudes and sweet melody vocalizing artistically, the mixture for Gang Of Four and perhaps – B-52’s consisted into the members; Ben Hozie (guitar, vocals), Nikki Befiglio (vocals), Montana Simone (drums) and Madison Velding-VanDam (guitar) and Heather Elle (bass). Fourteen tracks cheering-up the density of shows onto a New York Punk grooves in order of Name Escape, How Did This Happen?!, Boxes For The Move, I Am Not A Cinephile, Can’t Knock The Hustle or Margot and Jack in Titanic bracing Warhol legacy in popularity while the Williamsburg Bridge did Charlie history not as which told as Truth is Not Punishment by birth of Pylon or Cake and X.

Endless Scroll: