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Grinding Pure (PRMD 2015)

Every single clubbers of the planet knows and loved Avicii – born Tim Bergling as the Swedish DJ, producer, music maker and had been gone to most places around the earth; arranging his own self-written or collaboration tracks themed music with several talented artists and singers as well his own perspectives to elaborates thus samples from almost everything to put into songs before the shocking news about this Stockholm musician died in sudden on Muscat, Oman. 

Respecting him as one of the finest DJ of all time in the new millennium era would be a delighted thing to do and taking time for re-listening to Stories as his album legacy based on House, Downtempo and Electronic/EDM sounds lasted like endless party noises which spawn some highlights hits singles such as Waiting For Love, Touch Me, City Lights to Trouble which also reflecting the softer sides of Avicii here in the ballad Ten More Days or For A Better Day that seems to be related to the wiser words chosen following the likes for Bono of U2 sing the soulful Blues and Rock n’ Roll that shows variety in Avicii’s music match. Soon you’ll discovers how awesome the DJ used to live once and living life for many Pop-tuning lovers for couple years. 

R.I.P Brother …