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Grey Nomad Haunting (Bandcamp 2017)

   Founded preserved creature beings from the outer space fell inside the frozen lake of icy Antarctica – might ring bells for some of you to remember how frightened those sci-fi reality of John Carpenter really bursts fear among the scientist people who discovers it as it suddenly, awakes by the heat of our shelter station heater and leads by hunger for living flesh – consuming your surrounding friends or loved ones brought back to this new millennium as the themed subject album released by the Albury/Wodonga – Australia’s Death Metal troops; As Flesh Decays within The Horror Of It All. It’s never an easy task to surviving and save yourself from the bloody amok of an alien monster multiply and developing its skill for camouflaging or mimicking its human victims almost one hundred percent similar and silent attacks from the dark corners and under your bed cannot be burnt as non-movement target starting the terrible scenes via And So It Begins, Tempest, Snowtown, On Flesh We Dine, Last Stop in Texas and Outback Terror must be the hideous stories to tell to the public but the government calming them and send the false facts to make the world stop thinking about it.
   Vocalist Lacca, guitarist Billy, bassist Pat and drummer Taz did their craziest brutal chopping performance to serving this real events because nobody survived the mission since the news pops out to the social media from the isolated forbidden area zone being finally sent.

The Horror Of It All: