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Golden Surprise (Not On Label 2017)

   Good sparkling the sixties-era influences on vintage mixes of groovy Pop, Cabaret, Gypsy and Electronic among newer music sounds like Dubstep is the aim off this Electric Swing Circus (ESC) group of musicians brighter and romantic like the day and night circling the town with lining up by Vicki Olivia and Fe Salomon (vocals), Chandra Walker (drums and keyboards), Tom Hyland (guitars), Rashad Gregory (synths, sampling and programming) as well as Patrick Wreford (bass and bass-synth) shocking the stages many times since they’re started from their hometown of Birmingham, England – perhaps, since the earliest third wave of Ska-Punk Pop writing their own happy, positive and danceable materials and making records just like for example this one filled up for thirteen tracks off - It Flew By means something related for not to letting go chances as the pub attendance and arena lovers for Jazz-Pop grooves might not going to lose the opportunity listening for Big Surprise, Scuttlebutt, Mamacita, Gimme, Mr. Magpie and Remedy onto Renegade Soundwave keeping the place hotter and won’t stop from dancing by the rhythms. 

It Flew By: