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Godspeed Professor (DreamWorks 2002)

   Emma – his fiancĂ©e was killed in a park makes Dr. Alexander Hartdegen the inventor and teacher for Columbia University of New York did what he must do to saving his beloved Emma using the researched gone succeeded as he devoted to finishing The Time Machine several years later after the tragedy for travelling back through the past but cannot manage to prevents Emma’s death – this time by the horse-drawn vehicle frighten carriage murder. That was in 1899.
Distraught and losing hope to continuing life; Dr. Hartdegen discovering the experimental travel through time-lapse to the future which science perhaps, having the answers for helping him solve to change the past as holographic sentient tells him everything in 2030 as then, goes on to 2037 showing how the moon destroyed by the accident causing by the colonist there while earth is not the inhabitable planet like he used to know – the mistakes of debris knocking him unconscious as the machine travels to 802,701 resulting the eerie looks upon him as reawaken to find primitive lifestyle survivors of the hellish mixed with empty world called Eloi as he meet Mara one of the tribe who speaks English. Dreaming while lived among the new race in their unique lair; Alexander visions soon becomes horrific reality as the next day most of the Eloi being attack and captured including Mara by the jagged-teeth and ape-monster like from the underground kingdom of Morlocks that loves to hunting the Eloi. 
   Rescuing Mara accompanied by Kalen her brother leads them to meet Vox114 the hologram translator discovering the further information about the enemies and how to act saving plan works. This Sci-Fi movie shall blowing your minds within its impossible visionary tales about what’s impossible still can be possible as Klaus Badelt composing the portfolio finest soundtrack score music for the film and they’re awesome like Wish Me Luck, Bleeker Street, I Don’t Belong Here, Stone Language onto The Master and Where The Ghosts Are remains elusive, mysterious, scary but as well adventurous and mesmerizing to witnessing how Guy Pierce saving Samantha Mumba against the intelligent creatures from the bottom world having his time machine as Morlocks telepathy explains the temporal paradox to change the past is impossible entirely but the fight between Alexander and the Morlock leader carrying them to the send travels through 635, 472, 810 as harsh rusty colored sky making wasteland to the environments but as he wins and the creature died of aging; Alexander lean back to save Mara as they’re escaping to surface while The Time Machine blows up distorting the Morlocks cave in explosion but Alexander and Mara decided to have their new life as the Eloi and finding peace behind that distaste conformity.