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Godsend (Glitch Mode Recordings 2017)

   Forms of brute tactician techniques bursts out the performance for these EBM/Industrial group from Phoenix –Arizona clearly, writing their tunes of depression to exploring apathy and reality bleak points collecting as goddamn wrapped samples of grinding soft in Industrial synths up to stomping beats as well as guitar’s crushing sounds plus additional programming and mixing performance from the formation of the band: Xian Austin (drums), Aaron Coldblood (guitars/synths), Sarah Elizabeth (keyboards) and Brook Thomas (vocals) bring to us the dark Future of recording tunes as Amnestic. One can calling them like an angry robot noises or something hideous in Electronic form-presence but as soon as you listening open to the case of this album; five pieces songs there will pushing your imagination blows out to the limits within rhythmic error sounds and monotonous guitar display of distortion through Harbinger, Desentization, Absent Affect or Discipline may causing danger moves and broken inner-self as once a try must be your lifetime risk entering this kind of realm.