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Go Again We Here (Rock Indiana/Screaming Apple 2017)

   In case you ever miss how the mid-era of Alternative Punk-Pop rocks with having their female frontwoman rocking a loud and interactive like The Muffs or The Goops or many others sacrificing their ideas onto the stand-up high movement for as plenty independent girls around the world to do the same like their man did well for Rock Music history and it doesn’t mean that whether you becoming legends of not – doesn’t really fuckin’ matters and for that Suzy & Los Quattro comprising for Suzy Chain, B. B Quattro as well as Thomas Ramos and Victor Pelusa goes on writing their good catchy records and many songs to shocking the stages everywhere they’re playing and as Suzy & Los Quattro – this fourth releasing from them on Faster & Louder! greetings the fans of popular Rock N’ Roll, Power-Pop and New Wave to the influences under The Ramones daily anthem works did well by the pretty arrangements and sing-along refrains as they jumps up to asking you hold the invitations for rocking party garage using this atmosphere being served through this album and the tons of fun songs to listen and sang together all night long via Dance The Night Away, Start Again, Matilda, PMS or Radio! Stereo! that tells everyone the rest of the stories about the boring life that doesn’t have to be so dull if you can manage the idea to make some noise and not grown up to be sucked with the band and tomorrow may shining back to you a brand new things to discovers rather than depressing yourself out and faded.

Faster & Louder: