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Galigantus (Not On Label 2013)

   Finishing his own self-written original as planned – this Jack Kadien fronted project on Post-Rock/Drone/Shoegaze listening chance might driven your sleepy head to entering further deeper into another dimension as guitars, effects, loops, moog filtatron and other additional instruments resting for the tribute to Lou Reed inspirational themes and produced, mixed and mastered by Jack Kadien himself. Francisco Goya painting’s of The Giant took over the front cover in silence turning to distorting blare within the second track Cormoran after Sirens the opener as fun would not be the choice to describing this matters but cinematic in Ambient over Memphis, Tennessee trio group have releasing Somed as progressive album connected to sorrow future and terrible past according to Jack The Giant Killer.

   Nobody saying this as bad recording in hoping the lowest commercial tinged sounds emotionally works in many ways the facts and reality tells the story of someone fought something bigger and stronger might wins sometimes. Further explorations gets worst to trouble your dreams lesser and lesser sweet via Thunderdel or Rebecks.