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Gale In Serth Hand (Independent 2017)


   Progressive Death Metal carries their high technical extreme-measurement creation as unsigned around Montreal, Quebec and being active to terrorizing the audience in a satisfying dynamic utter existing of incredible captured of absolution powerful guitar works, growler vocals and solid noisy musical forms by the hard-working from Jeremy Vocino-Montpetit the guitarist, programming and vocals also mixer and mastering mind getting helped by the female vocalist Felicia Weinmann on this outstanding piece of solo stun-project taking you to the closer views of that mysterious castle hidden up the mountain or the tree of life symbolizing the Death Metal attacks stories here in Overture: The Heir Apparent by Ezerath.

Characterizing the learning harmonically mixes and undground-stylish singing or writing lyrics as the first narrative spoke-person immediate tells the history of King of Gnara Alton Nayan and thus Stonegate the castle which actually, locating somewhere known as the land of Ezerath to us now. Be blasted and shaken for hearing the foretold history about Whispers of Ruin, Temple of The Forsaken, The Sound of Knell and Eternally Mine.