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From Bannister Victim (Self-Released 2017)

   Screamo-haunting in atmospheric seminal brute system by female rock-heads doing the band’s Meth-Core experimental blended onto Post-Hardcore, emotional and spoken words in the most wrenching voices beautiful as amazing made by these quartet form Chicago, Illinois whom collaborates writing in project for new materials by the Indisposed members: Nina Palumbo, Rebecca Young (bass), Sam Kim (guitars) and Daniel Saller (drums) chaotic havoc in released of fully hatred, sorrow or depressions like the adults fingers cannot hold the child as they’re slipped apart which kinds of terrifying feelings happened among the separations of space and time just describing with the tracks of fury like The Claw Dragged Him Slowly, Intent To Hurt and Coming For This Place taken out off the Attestments album release by these mixed gender metal-heads into madness package of youthful abrasive songs anthems for the destruction of old conservatives society.