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Fratscum Milk (Self-Released 2018)

   Take a step back before that one minute and thirty-two minutes cross-firing blasts out of Denim jacket smashing your face motherfucker and as the mixed by Kurt Ballou on the power-violence Mathcore plus Hardcore and parts of Grindcore designated frontal by these Boston, Massachusetts crew – MouthBreather which consisting of Ryan. Anthony, Nick and Tyler have been brought their caliber cannon dirty fucking killing shit protester lyrics and songs as the pissed youngster from hell via Dollmeat which collecting the ugly figures of ornaments in humanoid shapes as fast and dangerous and fornicated to the error society destruction plan possible happening and carried by them through the hatred ballsy anthems such as Anorexistentialist, Probortion, Feeding Time and Shroudma.Bandcamp.Com and more – mostly, not longer than under two minutes duration and horrible screaming vocals but once again remember not to put your hands too close to it or it will fuckin’ chops them off slightly !