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Formulated Cusp (Independent 2018)

   Blazing internationally nation-less to decide that the Tampa, Florida or Skovde, Sweden former resident giving the experimental Extreme Metal onto thus visions, hallucination, oceans to death based format on written lyrics and themes because Estuarine felt insanely nomadic that Hydrus the one man project multi-instrumentalist presenting his works as brutal and disturbing as highly possible happens to your stereo as proven here on his latest full-album Sic Erat Scriptum that Estuarine kept the explosive extremities a main basic over the true explorations towards guitars, drums and many things as nine songs proving the greater threats lie within not the skills but ensemble of chaos entirely as the cosmic dragon eaten the central core of the universe tales bursts through songs alike Phosphorus and Sulfur, Slaves of Mammon, Panthalassa, Seated Upon The Ocean Throne and Choir of Infinity grows and Black Metal progressions reign the stereo and the planetary dominion once consumed by dark-disturbance sounds in form of the beast.

Sic Erat Scriptum: