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Flower Divide (Hypnotic Dirge Records 2017)

   Completely different on having their distinctive sounds for admission influences taken from Buddhism, dark-side of Franz Kafka and crafted atmospheric profound music develops in refines by the non-shorter-stories musical in Progressive Rock materials with Doom Metal melodic measurements for the name of Post-Rock unit from Mariupol, Ukraine project named Odradek Room. Letting their harmonic beats and blasts doing the talks to communicates within the second splintered sounds off the themes written about thoughts, feelings, dreams and philosophy like the background tales they took as the band’s name from The Cares of A Family Man and growler vocals bangs your heads which presented by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist/sampling figure – Artyom Krikhtenko, guitarist Ilya Zernitsky, bassist/keyboard player Sergey Kuznetsov, drummer Roman Borovikov in further explosive marks or echoes into A Man Of Silt like handing on the stoned children face smaller than your lucks to sparks an adventure onto the farther places by sounds within Arising in The Void, Selfness, Texture of Reality, Rain Trip as well about Mirror Labyrinth where the lost easily getting their loss-of fate forever because the Conditional Eternity cares not for the left-behind of inhabitants since the populations died of cancerous disease and black plague resurrection while others migrating away as the metallic drumming bash harder on the records.

A Man Of Silt: