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Flex-Tuesday (Self-Released 2018)

Austin, Texas-based in background sound engineering over music producing project as the idealistic idea out of Levi Witt known as Drrtywulvz mastering by himself and Slava Mindex as directly connected onto the collaborating sounds taken by the percentages influential creepy and slower tunes from Psybass, Dark Dubstep, Glitch Hop onto Electronic and Downtempo to Hip-Hop re-sampling the inner sided conscious all the way below Re-Hatched in wiser works writing the five arrangements here to be displayed to the audience like the owl waiting patiently for the meal is Mysterious on four minutes and eight seconds, Eclipsed (VIP) likewise to four minutes and twenty seconds or Fiddle (VIP) goes weirder by surprises closing the gap off this recording over you.

If you like creepy things and suspense music for the loner stands of thrill – this one fits for accompanying you.