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Flame Eternal (Long Island Records 1995)

   One of the best nineties era genre in Hard Rock scene ever surfacing the mid-level of Heavy Metal collection world surprisingly, not just normal but superb classy in tainted Bluesy female singer appearance making the existence of Toss ‘N’ Turn groovy Glam-Metal feels alright for fighting for Saturday nights with H-D Weber on keyboards, Jaqueline Cipriano on vocals, Martin Riedel the guitarist and bass player Thomas Geiger as well as drummer Bodo Schopf or backing vocals/keyboard additional Michael Sadler releasing this awesome debut and last recording in the band’s career it’s – Freestyle onto thus blurring faced cover figure but not as good as the songs variety by sounds where Heart Growing Old as the winning Pop-Rock for six minutes more; Back To The Wall or the swing-metal Don’t Lie To Me into Confession and Hungry if it’s not also In My Blood and Torture Torture shall becoming your favorite tracks taken out this album. Don’t speed up, Stop Beggin’ Me – One Night & A Heartache broken soundtrack will saving your balls through the last hour by this sounds !