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Fallen Protector (Bandcamp 2014)

   Arizonian arranger and musician artist of the unknown a lot for the identity truthfully, has given us the main package off thus mini recording for letting the audience being moved by the music itself without too much pretension and Lone X is your guidance character for that or so. Going through the Cinematic Chillstep, Electro Dubstep liquid and Dar-Techno experiments audible themes track-lists on becoming the killer robot in a desert mission quenching the thirst and assassinated boredom within the fine non-amateur musical gifts using One Wicked Midnight, Guardian as well as Sentinel comes oand gone longer than three minutes or lower off two minutes and fifty-eight seconds tales of no lyrics but blazing distortion disturbance formatting this efforts as reserved like a journey through the space landed on mercury – surviving inside your imagination only.