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Explorer Vacant (Profound Lore Records 2017)

   Ranging the ultimate destruction rounded up the dark, guttural, technical and Progressive Death Metal from Valley Stream, NY respects for the casts over names like Brian Varney or Dan Garguilo; guitarist Jon Locastro, bass player Samuel Smith and drummer bastardized performance by Keith Abrami decent in multiple access through brutal sci-fi ambience architecture in sophomore extremities via the danger of immediate over-ruling regime taken from humanity to intelligence machinery as like a reminder of automaton story here displaying further more crushing by Infrared Horizon by Artificial Brain in proggy or paradoxical requirements probability views later happening in this destructing planet many years from now by telling tales of horrible themes like Static Shattering, Estranged From orbit, Anchored to The Inlayed Arc, Mist Like Mercury and Graveyard of Lightness Planets may left the witnessing of Death Metal legacy – only Ash Eclipse for this second one.

Infrared Horizon: