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Exit Stance (Gravitas Recordings 2018)

   Wondering if one being slipped onto the world of artichoke center of Dubstep newer version planted inside the earth that would do most exciting damage to your ears and heart as the blaster beats which not sounding raw too much still can equalizing thus undeniable persistence residing vanity in the convey of truly experimental realm in non-popular Glitch-Electro inducing Trance failure of cultural ego rely on these written, produced and mix-mastered recording by Zebbler Encanti Experience (ZEE) oddly crushing crosses path tunneling within Id.Entity filled up by anti-humanoid possibilities as the hidden structures and living materials underneath you bursts like explosion of a volcanic lava but as exotic tropical as Drum N’ Bass beats enclosure from the lost tribe nation to your amplifiers. Some might surprisingly, catch-able for sights and listening senses but others just plain in percussion regime situation needs stronger ears to consume them.

   Within Halfred for Immanent Flow or Mr. Bill Remix or Let Me In (with Trees collaboration) giving the strengthen taste of modern futuristic vision music that cannot be killed because it being saved inside the major drive computer world locked from Trance Humanism’s intervention outside Austin.