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Exhibits Barbarous (20 Buck Spin 2018)

   Eerie bizarre events happening and people might have chances to taking video or faking it on the internet as well as the facts will soon being blurred melts with the urban legends and barbarity news from the dark web fascination as your main course not just on television, the newspaper and thus tabloids shall telling more about the desolated appetizer for Death Metal experiments towards Doom Metal and Extreme Heavy Metal and Blackened fusion off Federico DiMarco and Steve Fuchs on shredding six-strings; growler Matt Kapa onto drummer Matt Izzi and bass player Andrew Benenati brings to you the tons of horrific gore, torturing death and cannibalism among the alien abductions, serial killing and mass murdering female under the dark skies concluded as the latest recording tracks taken from Ecliptic Butchery erupting the non-nonsense ability to destroying the mankind capital amounts and civilizations from the inside violence heavier than thou like the Scorched band gave the audience thus taste of gory pulverizing mutilates through Bodies Collect, Disfiguring Operations, Astral Savior, Mortuary of Nightmares, Darkness Infests and Dissected Humanity and Blood Splatter Eclipse. 

Where you going to hide and choose to die against … 

Would it be up the stake bleeding and facing the black-covering executor or the invisible creatures from other world coming with their advance technology not to make friends but devastating and conquer ?! 

Ecliptic Butchery: