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Esurience Guilefulness (Independent 2017)

   Introspection of conflicts; relationships to fantasy of the old tales and mythology stories blending within the melodious Symphonic Metal alliance music sound for the works of these Tunis, Tunisian group calling themselves as Persona – consisting for the local Northern african female in beauty Nesrine Mahbouli on bass, drummer Youssef Aouadi, Melik Melek Khelifa and Yosri Ouada on the guitars department and their gorgeous female vocalist Jelena Dobric on this releasing off their secondary recording works within the displaying for many faces of women of one soul describing the heritage of where they’re coming from and unites for Persona onto the new levels of Metamorphosis. Great high techniques for solo guitars, rhythmic powerful durability, magnificent solid tuning on growlers and riff-age as well as the double pedals and harmonic keyboards and the best of beauties guarding the band’s existence as they’re performing some of the repertoire such as Armour of Thorns, Netherlight, Bete Noire, Invidia, Hellgrind, In Memoriam to The Seeress of Triumph and The Omen of Downfall – tremendously, giving the audience a force of tastful metallic transparency formats carried by the amount of transcending effort on moments solitude above sahara and beyond territories like an oase of mysteries.