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Endless Summer (HeviSike/Medusa Crush Recordings 2016)

   One man in his multi-instrumentalist solo project of the blending between incorporated sound elements via Grunge, Doom Metal, Stoner Rock Psychedelic and Shoegaze by John Stromshed in his Alternative Rock’s Lo-Fi session through the album number four or the latest one comes from his catalog to the particular listeners loving him at the works similarity sounding closer to The Smashing Pumpkins’ smooth harmonies meet Post-Hardcore metallic blister of melodic Deftones and Swedish counterparts onto Hibernation as Lightsabres got back from the long hunting party this season of wintery solitude over the land of the north community.

   The hunters and the dogs gets empty handed and ashamed to tell their families and the small town inhabitants about the Cascades of Blood, Breaking Bones or Whisper to Me Sfotly and Throw It All Away as well as Satan’s Pilgrim for them falsely following the Blue Smoke and being Possessed overthrown the conditions before on the campaign in ashtray – leaving Blood on The Snow as their witness of true story or not as they’ve been told a lie.