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Empat Satu (Cakrawala Records 2013)

   Local talents of Indonesian female figure smaller turning slowly to be nationally famous around the not too commercial circle for independent musician scenery introduction for this pianist, vocalist and song-writer whom loving her influences and inspiring stars by spirits like Fiona Apple, Ben Folds Five and Regina Spector among others like the local singers: Vina Panduwinata which shaping her playful things to recording this second performance artistically awesome to listening to most of the open-minded Alternative Pop lovers there as being produced by herself – Leilani Hermiasih but known here as Frau from Yogyakarta onto giving free releases due to particular date she’s choose and you would liking it. Smooth piano taste of Neo-Classical and Pop Indie sounds collaborated – Happy Coda to the more talented persons helping her to make this album comes alive by the keyboards play and sweet tunes or vocals by the English-spoken lyrics in distributes like you listening to some Disney’s soundtrack for slower animation reality world of beauty and mystery through Water, Mr. Wolf, Something More or Tarian Sari, Suspens and Arah will be the fertilizer for a new kinds of fresh soil and plants of Indie Music.

Happy Coda: