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Emile Kant (Bandcamp 2014)

Wasn’t related really with your favorite banana on diet menus but can also turning your reducing calculation on reception off atmospheric guitar riff moody and cliff holding edgy Grunge-Punk from Adelaide area during the nineties and beyond as Fiendish Cavendish playing as regular as recent to long time ago doesn’t matter in their gigs because still this band went crazy funky groovy in their own ways; exploding the tunes of self-written materials of dumb-ass trashy punkish controls of nine tracks off the first effort of them.

Conceptualism done in mixing and mastering records called Space which seemed looks like a NASA-budgeting spoken-reports album displaying the spaceship with rockets and flatten solar system as creature or astronaut dancing silly following the disturbance sounds like Devil’s Gonna Take Ya Soul, Atari Space Men, Seeing is Believing, Skylab Vs Sputnik and Regan Space to Chicken Friend Dog tells us about the success, failures and secret plans of man’s ego to rule everything !