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Embrace Abstraction (Bandcamp 2012)

Rage in space cuts the supporting these mainframe seclusion grabs over the harmonic Atmospheric and Ambient Groove Metal meets Technical Deathrock and Progressive music produced and mixing and mastered by Levi Miah (also playing guitar, bass, programming) as the lyrics written by Jake Noble on vocals and Tom Douglass the guitarist and programming; recording this beautiful chotic and destructive extended album filled with angry growls and the mixed the aggressive metallic sounds all over the spilling disc plate via Illusive Objects as Fractals – the band.

Three Djent views of the natural surroundings tells us about the changes happening faster than we could think as humans, silent empty lake, sky formation clouds turning darker and those trees living and died with plenty times to grow, spreading seeds and go dried out isn’t as no longer impossible as thoughtful as we shall all being replaced after we go extinct in the closer As Time Will Show that ends in sudden explosion of lights one day. 

Illusive Objects: