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Embers Fog (Blut & Eisen Productions 2003)

   Gruesome drawing from the middle ages darkened hours decadence portraying the horrible way to die by hanging as the chain tied on your neck making you suffocated while someone jumps upon you pushing your shoulder down as the neck awaits to crack; birds and bats feasting around you as you’re the victim of fate of the church playing roles to eradicates paganism and black magic followers torturing the nations through The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror by Luror tells you about Black Metal comprising the trio worshiping dead in the cold, dying miserable and fully tortured bodies taken within their Germany’s roots of Extreme Heavy Metal played by Basilisk, Heregast or Sven Zimper monotonously all the way through the disturbing screamer metallic tales like From Dawn to Death, A Fanfare of War Sounds in The Sky, In a Room in Hell, Smoke and Stardust or Among The Hills War is Raging – suits to your devastating minds beyond mankind to destroying the world for power of one ego.

The Iron Hand Of Blackest Terror: