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El Pueblo Re. 213 (To Live A Lie 2011)

   Whether it is clearly extreme music noise projector with suspicious measurement about describing the reality touch for the type on Alternative Metal products like parts Hardcore, parts Sludge and parts Psychedelic Power-violence or Crust of Los Angeles crew tagged the mystic grime-seminal Elelctro-Industrial distortions and studio of cult correlative for Suffering Luna that consisted for Dustin Johnston, Meesee, Pat Palma and Sean Cole or Fivel warping themselves ideas to be fully blasted out as Psychedelic Hard Rock strangeness sounds through the death acclaimed yours and dimension in between the eerie haunting and explosive tunes onto the harmonious creepy themes via A2 Paranoid Delusions (I. Up For Days, II. Whipping The Horse’s Eyes, III. Rising Moon) as elaborates not being merciful to the planet world progressive breaks and diminishing practice through Freestyle, Rising Moon and Oh Black Pyramid as the second destructive list on the group’s self-titled or dangerous elements of discography.