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Durin Deathless (Sweatband Records 2012)

Is it we seeing that all the armada of jet fighters from several worlds and creatures around the planet gathering up to migrates out because there’s a disaster related to the global warming threats or it’s just the parade showing on how the mid-summer being celebrates while the alliance of nine to five coalitions also letting the entire people knows about their existence and The Manx (band) unit choose to unveiling themselves to be recognized as Adam Barnes, Max Winston, Myke Chillian, Tommy Meehan and Zach Zdziebko playing their Folk-Core as well as accordion, mandolin, banjo and Punk-Hardcore over this releasing compilation Storms Thrashing Our Vessel calls everyone to join the declaration of one world independence as the band performing standard aloud covering within paints and tattoos. Creative, really swinging to not asking more, vocals choir blending to the rocking phase and six songs to spray harder in such a funny sound of music here.

Listen for yourself and goes back to the country-side where the dwarves might not ruling too damn long over the throne but things that they’re done and sacrifice would be the indication for harmony melodious dancing folks Crawdads, Trial By Stone, Ogres Conspiracy to There is a Time (ft. Kali Kazoo) describing the really essence from the bands stomping their angry feet. 

Storms Trashing Our Vessel: