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Drenched 04:51 (Line-X Protective Music 2016)

   Man, it’s not too damn late for anyone who sticking around the roadie ideas on mixture the non-popular (anymore) sounds of Hip-Metal or Rap-Rock like there’s one pops out from Young Nudist in all the lyrics and production as this Brest, France project braces for being Shit Lizard releasing the infamous record extended on I’m Tha Real Rap Revolution driving carelessly to the less saver place and toxic waste dumps or worshiping the slave girl wearing none with thus giant boobies hanging and more money to burn within the repeat over Memphis-Rap and Hip-Hop blending to Hard Rock as well as Garage Drone and Trap-Doom under the influences from the past nineties era on them; five tracks and blind justice for the brave written through No Fomo (Aggressive Meditation), U A Molly Hoe, Died Young Didn’t Stay Pretty Because of The Natural Process of Decomposition and Punch Funk on PCP (digital only bonus track) just drew the guns to your enemies on a Mexican stand-off on the border territory of the cracking known feels sweet and sour like sperm, sweat and hot love after the killing actions done.

I'm Tha Real Rap Revolution: