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Dreamcrusher (Napalm Records 2015)

   Canadian of Vancouver, BC’s Death Metal/Thrash Metal blending fuse band - Unleash The Archers with their female fronted singer all wearing black leather suits rolling like thunders on the horizon coming at you quickly as the double pedals and typhoon riffs onto the magnificent high-pitch arousing vocals that rocks the world of many audience to listeners as Brittney Hayes or drummer Scott Buchanan as well as Andrew Kingsley and Grant Truesdell or Nikko Whitworth again attacking the realm of Heavy Metal fanatics for their third recordings via Time Stands Still as the core of the planet being cracked open by the creature inside within it as Power Metal to Death Metal destroying out in ferocious blasts and eruptions among the non-scientific but closer to reality off the theme songs terrifying your guts through Frozen Steel, No More Heroes, Hail of The Tide, Crypt, Tonight We Ride or Northern Passage that relates the significant unholy doomsday with thus old prophecy on folklore of the European elder beliefs – edited from the face of humanity peace – entering the fully destruction towards us from the edge of the solar system.

Time Stands Still: